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Cronus Logistics – one of the fastest growing door-to-door logistics and shipping companies on the Irish Sea – is celebrating the first year of its contract providing logistics support for one of the UK and Ireland’s leading gypsum plasterboard producers.

Siniat is a European leader in plasterboard manufacture and drywall systems with more than 25 years supplying materials to the construction industry. Since May 2014 the company has been relying on Cronus Logistics for its transportation needs from the UK to the important Irish market.

Cronus Logistics provides customer deliveries and stock replenishments five to six days each week with a 48 hour transit operation using its own ships sailing between Warrenpoint in Ireland and Bristol. Nicola Walker, Managing Director of Cronus Logistics, believes this offers Siniat an even better route to its major Irish market.

“As we run our own vessels from the UK to Ireland we can offer Siniat a 48 hour transit that allows us to collect on day one and deliver on day three – an ideal solution for many of the major construction clients they have in Ireland.”

Nick Abbott, Siniat’s Head of Logistics and Warehousing, sees the relationship with Cronus Logistics as a strong and dependable one.

“In terms of delivery they have certainly exceeded our expectations and we are delighted with the economical and sustainable way they transport our goods from the UK to Ireland.”


About Cronus Logistics:
Cronus Logistics is a dedicated logistics specialist offering door to door services on the UK – Ireland gateway. The sustainable cost-effective multimodal solution breaks the mould of traditional LO/LO shipping to deliver a unique logistics alternative for the UK – Irish markets. Operating two ships between the Port of Bristol and Warrenpoint, with 4 departures a week in each direction, the service enables a standard 48 hour door to door service for importers and exporters. Making supply chains greener by reducing road miles and breaking the mould of the traditional container shipping lines.

Both 4000t vessels are capable of taking up to 80 forty-five foot curtain-sided or box containers, alongside 20ft and 40ft boxes and refrigerated containers. The ships can also easily accommodate out of gauge cargo.

Bristol is only 90 miles from Birmingham, around 100 miles from London and with reducing road mileage a big factor for both exporters and importers, cutting their carbon footprint on an operationally effective yet more cost-efficient service starts to make a lot of logistical and financial sense.

One of the big attractions of the port at Warrenpoint is its location, situated midway between Dublin and Belfast. It has excellent road links to the major population centres of Ireland and with an ever improving roads network, delivery times to all destinations are constantly being reduced.